Thriving or surviving?

Is this you?

  • You are feeling overwhelmed.
  • You are a newly appointed middle leader struggling to manage your team.
  • You are feeling unappreciated and overlooked.
  • You would like to go for a leadership role but you lack the confidence.
  • You want to be an emotionally literate leader.
  • You are a head teacher struggling to restore harmony to the work place. 
  • You are a head teacher feeling really isolated.

Jean Ramsey

Classroom teacher

  • Are you considering leaving the profession?
  • Does your workload bring you to your knees?
  • Are you being bullied in the workplace?
  • Are you longing for a restorative work life balance?

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Middle Leaders

  • Are you feeling like piggy in the middle?
  • Is your team too hard to handle?
  • Are you stuggling to find your authentic management style?
  • Are you beginning to think your promotion was a mistake?

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Aspiring Heads and Heads

  • Are you getting cold feet about going for headships?
  • Are you daunted by the high stakes accountability?
  • Are you afraid you will distance yourself from classroom teaching?
  • Are you feeling modern education is soulless and data driven?
  • Are you a head feeling overwhelmed and isolated?

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