Going on holiday in term time!

by Jean Ramsey

I do not remember exactly how I stumbled upon Will Thomas’s coaching service. My usual habit is to lurk in the shadows to get a feel for a person and then to dip my toe in the water. For those of you who do not know him, Will is ‘a highly regarded performance coach and trainer with a national and international reputation.’ He is a brilliant coach.

I had a series of sessions with him very early on in my career. It was he who coached me to drop down to 4 days a week to pursue my coaching work. It seems so obvious now but I would never have thought of that in a million years! I can remember the conversation vividly. I was fresh from the Coaching Academy obsessed with getting a list of clients and plucking up the courage to give up my day job of being Head of Creative Arts at an Oxfordshire Comprehensive school. I remember likening it to stepping off the edge of a cliff into the unknown (and the financial abyss!) Will made me see another possibility.

As it turned out one a day a week just was not enough. Even teaching only 4 days a week is a massive undertaking and when it came to doing my books my husband used to offed me greatly by talking about my ‘cottage industry’ and, ‘Let’s see how much of a loss you have made this year!’

Actually I am so grateful to him for keeping my feet firmly on the ground! I have been nearly suckered into so many things…pyramid selling masquerading as coaching; search engine optimising schemes; working my socks off for someone else by paying massive licence fees up front…the list would be much longer without my cynical/pragmatic husband.

But on that one day a week I did follow some very interesting paths which are now all beginning to lead to the same destination: living the life I want; doing the things I want to do and best of all…….GOING ON HOLIDAYS IN TERM TIME!