Great, Like - Minded People.

by Jean Ramsey

The truly great thing about coaching is the wonderful, like-minded people you meet along your journey. On my  first training week end with The Coaching Academy way back in 2004 we had to say a bit about ourselves to our immediate neighbour. I think we had to say what our proudest moments were and what our worst were and then listen to our partner and give them feedback as to what character strengths we felt really shone through.

In September 2004 my proudest moments were the births of our two wonderful daughters and my worst moment was when I realised I had not got the A level grades I needed to get to the university of my choice in 1971. My worst moment now would be being told, along with my lovely dad and brother, that our fabulous mum, my best friend in the world, dad’s childhood sweetheart and wife for 55 years had the incurable brain disease CJD. Failing to get the A level grades seems really trivial now compared to the death of my mum.  

The chap I was sharing with, Peter, on hearing my A level story, said that he thought I was really brave. I was dumbfounded, I had never thought of myself as brave before. He went on to explain. He thought I was brave because I did not give up my dream of a degree. I went to Bournemouth Technical College and did a London University External Degree instead he thought it was brave to do that after having made a mess of doing my A levels. He said it must have taken courage to go through the exam process again. Looking back at it now it never entered my head not to do it. I had made mistakes and I was damn sure I was not going to make the same mistakes again.

If I had not gone to Bournemouth, I would not have met the man I have been happily married to for nearly 40 years and we would not have the two wonderful daughters.

I have come to believe that the universe puts things in our way for a reason.