Help someone is drilling holes in our boat!

by Jean Ramsey

Once you discover the power of coaching, you come to realise that it has applications everywhere.

I am typing this blog down on our boat ‘Moondance’.We drove down last night to attach some snap davits to the transom so that we can launch and recover our dinghy (which is also our life raft in an emergency) more easily. We used to have a netting arrangement with floats that we had to get just right. We should have sold tickets as we always provided a spectacle for boats moored alongside and rubber neckers walking by as we wrestled with all the mesh; lengths of tape; high winds; frayed nerves and expletives muttered through clenched teeth!

This new arrangement should mean that we just row up, snap the dinghy into the davits and then just haul it up to vertical not nearly such a spectacle for passers-by!

That same husband of nearly 40 years is the arch pessimist. We got up early, not a breath of wind and very little tide. He had been present when we had had a wind vane fitted and the chap managed to turn the boat round using just one long rope attached to the stern. At the time Alan thought it was marvellous. I thought today would be the ideal time to repeat the experiment as I am very growth mind-set and always anxious to learn new things….Alan said he had forgotten how to do it and we should just reverse out, turn 180 using the engine. I managed to persuade him to try the wind vane rope trick!

We rigged up a really long rope by tying two together; I passed it all around the outside of everything so it would not snag….meanwhile Alan is saying: ‘This is going all wrong; it will never work!’ The coaches among you will recognise this as coaching yourself to fail. I started the engine just in case full of excitement and optimism. 'Moondance' pirouetted perfectly …I was only sorry there were no by standers to witness our seamanship. They never are when you get it right!

The next feat is to stick heavy duty pads with loops to the side of the dinghy which will then attach to the hooks that the shipwright is coming to attach to the back of Moondance (he is drilling through the boat as I type….not a pleasant sensation!) On the way down in the car last night, Alan was coaching us to fail again….’I don’t see how this is going to work; the Lodestar rep said we would have to peel the logo off…..’ I just listened and coached myself to think positive.

The work is progressing well. Alan is joshing with people on the pontoon; Angus the shipwright is toiling away and I am typing and all will be well and if not we will find a solution….because that is the power of coaching.