How it all began?

by Jean Ramsey

How did the coaching adventure all begin?

We had a new head teacher and it was his first headship; he was to get our school out of debt. He did that all right but at such a cost. I could not understand why I was so unhappy. I used to come home every night and complain to my husband about how miserable I was. In the end he used to give me a time limit for my moaning: 15 minutes and he used to say, ‘You do know you tell me the same things every night. Why don’t you just leave? ’

Just leave? I had been at the same school man and boy for 23 years I was not about to jump ship. I had these awful nightmares that all the good, key staff would go and the school would haemorrhage without them.

Then I saw a double page advert in a local paper  for Mediation training or Life coaching training. My husband, a lawyer, said, ‘Don’t do mediation training you will be working with couples on the verge of divorce and you are miserable enough already; do the life coaching.’ So I did. I signed up for a weekend training course with the Coaching Academy. It was the best 2 days’ training I have ever had, and believe me I have had a LOT! It was all very slick and professional and expensive! I borrowed the money from my fantastic mum and dad. We had ‘The Ulitmate Buisness Tools for Coaches’ here we were encouraged to work out how much money we would make from our clients by using by deciding how many hours we would be available each day; how long our sessions would be; how much time we would need between clients; how much we would charge how many weeks a year would we like to work ….. There was just one thing missing…just where were we going to find these clients eager to hand over their hard earned cash?  If you are a really good coach, your clients learn to fly by themselves and then they don’t need you anymore so you need to keep finding new clients all the time. Hmm….it all seemed too good to be true …..and it was!