by Jean Ramsey

One of the key people on my coaching journey, has to be Duncan Gee.

I can’t remember the date when I first came across the



                                             Goal Achievement


                                                                                              Confident Communication

creator, Duncan Gee first of all. I was on a training week end with the Coaching Academy again and I so enjoyed his presentation. He was totally authentic and made no bones about the fact that he was totally sceptical when he was first introduced to coaching by his Chief Constable, Pauline Clare. She was very forward thinking and invited everybody in her organisation: police and civilians to take part in an introduction to coach training. In the Coaching Academy’s 30th Oct blog post he says: ‘I was one of the dinosaurs about it.’ He took the ideas he had been introduced to and used them in his already good department. ‘It was a brighter, more empowered office. That was a tick for coaching.’ Working together, talking respectfully to the young people on their patch, they found that they were having an impact on the amount of petty crime around  a 3 mile radius of the schools that were participating in their schemes and this freed them up to focus on the much more serious offences.

When I first started my training I was Head of Creative Arts and I like to think that I too made my already happy and productive department even more so. Being nurtured is just so much better than being nagged!