Powerful and Strong

This is one of the tools I use the most in my one to one sessions with young people. I learnt it myself from John Cassidy Rice as part of my training with The Coaching Academy

Case history

I had a year 7 young man referred to me recently. He was quite small in stature, quietly spoken and slightly built.

There is a short cut on the way back to town from our school and it involves walking through a railway tunnel. It is a notorious haunt for bullies. My client had to walk back this way with his equally small friend early in September when they were both new to the school. They were pushed about by several slightly older boys also from our school in that tunnel. They got home eventually but they were very shaken.

My client took it rather badly and he began to not feel well on school mornings and his attendance got worse. The more he stayed away, the more difficult it was for him to get out of bed in the mornings. His parents contacted the Student support contact and they referred him to me.

Once I had demonstrated the technique he felt better straight away.

It goes like this:

  1. Ask the client to stand up.
  2. Then ask if they are left or right handed.
  3. Ask them to raise their dominant hand out to shoulder level.
  4. Tell them you are going to move their arm back down to their side and that you are going to calibrate the strength of the push you need to use. They are not to make it too easy nor to make it too difficult (you don’t want to break their arm!) you just want to assess what is normal for them.
  5. Move their arm back down.
  6. Ask them to put their arm back up but before you move it down this time whisper the words: ‘Powerful and Strong’ to them twice. Now move it back down. You should feel much more resistance. (Some clients actually clench their fists when you whisper the words.)
  7. Then repeat the exercise and the last time whisper the words: ‘Tired and weak, tired and weak.’ Usually you will find that the resistance is much less than the first time round.

The client is invariably amazed at the difference each time. It clearly demonstrates the power of the subconscious mind. You can then use this to explain how mind and body are so closely linked together and that the next time they are in a tricky situation if they just say the magic words: ‘Powerful and Strong’ over and over; it will automatically be transferred to their body language and they will feel much more brave as they walk down the tunnel or past the erstwhile bullies.

Such a simple technique with such impressive results.