The Anxiety Rocking Horse

The axiety rocking horse

The Anxiety Rocking Horse

When I was a child growing up in what was then Northern Rhodesia, my mum went to have her hair shampooed and set once a week. It was a tedious affair for me as I had to wait for what seemed an eternity whilst mum's hair dried. I used to flick through the women's magazines that were scattered about the place and I distinctly remember this advice from 'The Woman's Realm' circa 1060. I am pretty sure it was by Patience Strong.

She described worry as being like an old fashioned rocking horse. When we worry, we go backwards and forwards over the same ground but make no forward progress. We turn the same problem over and over in our minds but we don't make any decisions because we are stuck; we not taking any action. This puts us in a very unresourceful place and zaps our energy.

Young and old quickly 'get' the metaphor of the worry rocking horse simply using up our energy and getting us nowhere.

What's the solution?

Get off the rocking horse and make a PLAN! Or in coaching terms....get into action. By doing that you will change your thinking from negative to positive and save your energy for a constructive purpose.

It works with all ages. Try it for your selves!